1.0 released 19 Feb 2004

Now includes a J2EE Connector Archicture (JCA) adapter and a sample web service implementation.

jGridShift Features
  • Open Source. All code, including samples, released under Lesser GPL (use in commercial software).
  • Reads both big and little endian NTv2 binary files.
  • Reads official Canadian format files (all current Canadian and Australian binary files).
  • Supports Positive West Longitude (Candian standard) and Positive East Longitude (Australian standard).
  • Offers memory based and disk based access to node data.
  • Pure Java.
  • J2EE Connector Architecure adapter
  • Extensive sample code including a J2EE based web service (config files for JBoss) and a Swing app to transform coordinates entered by hand.

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GDAit Software Architecture Manual, Mitchell and Collier 2000

GDA Technical Manual v2.2, ICSM